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After two years of hard work and tremendous patience, Jerason Dean has finally hit the Studio.

Partnering with local Producer, Chris Steinmetz, Jerason has started to lay the foundation for a five-single EP dropping later this year.

The partnership came after Jerason left his Nasvhille-based label in early September and decided to pursue music independently.

“Working with my previous label taught me a lot of things but most importantly it gave me the confidence to pursue my passion professionally,” said Jerason, “that is something I never thought I could do.”

Once the initial meetings were over and the dust had settled, Steinmetz and Jerason were confident that they could produce a quality product staying true to the young crooner’s vision and winning the hearts of many fans.

The EP will focus heavily on traditional-pop standards and will cover many well known  songs from the industry’s yesteryears.

Artists like Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra have been credited with inspiring the direction of the EP and Jerason admits he’d love to be among their ranks one day.

Though there is no official release date for the debut EP, both members are confident that the project is moving along and deadlines are on track.


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