The Dean’s List

As we sink into our new norm, I’ve decided to share with you all some of my current obsessions on a monthly basis. These are items and activities keeping me company as I navigate this new WFH lifestyle. The Dean’s List is a quick rundown featuring something new from one of four categories including: watching, listening, playing and drinking. Enjoy!

Watching the Netflix series "Ozark"

Currently, I’m catching up on “Ozark“. This Netflix crime drama set in the Ozarks of Missouri isn’t the type of show I would normally choose; however, I’ve had a lot of close friends raving about it. It also helps that my partner was really rallying for this pick.

Normally, I’d lean more towards comedy and sitcoms but I am enjoying the darker side of this series featuring Jason Bateman. It takes me a bit longer to trek through heavy shows like this and the content is definitely geared towards a mature audience. That’s a lot for my little heart to take. So, this one may be on the Dean’s List for awhile. We are currently on season 2 and moving at a glacial pace.

Listening to Taylor Swift's "Folklore"

If I had started this list before Taylor Swift’s latest release, I’d probably be raving about “Gaslighter” right now. I’m not typically head over heels for T-Swift’s work. In fact, I haven’t given a full album from T-swift this much love since “Red” released almost eight years ago. So, the fact that “Folklore” has come in and completely commanded my attention on the music front is a bit of a surprise to me.

“Folklore” dropped on on July 24 of this year and took me to that indie-folk scene where a lot of my favorites tend to live. My number one pick from the track list is hands down “betty” but “the last great american dynasty” would be next on my list of repeats.

You can listen with me on Pandora by following this link.

Playing "Animal Crossing" New Horizons"

At my very core, I am a grown child. I love videos games and play a fair share of simulation, strategy and action-adventure games. So, when “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” came out, I was happy to be stuck in the house for the foreseeable future and really get to know the game. “New Horizons” is the definition of cute but also packs a variety of features that keep a vast age range of gamers interested. There is a whimsical feel to the gameplay and it’s almost entirely customizable by each player.

I have been tinkering on “New Horizons” since right around its release. So, I haven’t been logging the same amount of hours as I was in the beginning but it’s still an easy go to. Nintendo keeps my interest by rotating in different holidays, critters and updates which keeps the game fresh. There’s also no real story once you get past the early parts of the game making “New Horizons” easy to pick up no matter how long it’s been.

Drinking Blake's Hard Cider Co. Lite Hard Cider

Ok. So, drinking isn’t really a hobby but the art pairs nicely with all three of the other categories in the Dean’s List. I love incorporating a glass of wine into a weeknight movie or even mixing a cocktail for an Overwatch match with my judys.

Now, most people like to crack open a beer after a long day and relax. I’m not a beer drinker though. So, my easy go to is hard cider. I drink one of these babies for just about any occasion and they’re so much easier when you want something quick without all of the hassle of mixing and matching.

My partner recently brought home a case of Blake’s Lite Hard Cider which comes in a variety pack. Of the flavors I’ve tried, I’m not a fan of the mimosa or melon but the strawberry-kiwi and apple are nice. They remind me a little bit of the seltzer drinks that are all the rage right now which was probably the manufacturers intent.

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