Where Dolly Parton meets the Rat Pack

I’ve spent most of my life chasing music. My Grandma started the love affair back when I was in elementary school. She’d have me sing in our little country church every chance she could. I didn’t bother saying no because when Grandma asks you to sing you sing. It was that simple.

Grandma did more than just introduce me to the art though. She had an big impact on the artists that continue to inspire me today. It was Grandma’s collection of Patsy Cline cassettes that made me fall in love with that old-school sound and lead me to discover other legends like (my queen) Dolly Parton and “ol’ blue eyes” Frank Sinatra.

I draw a lot of influence from these classic roots and hope to one day leave my mark on the industry like these legends left on me.

So, in the spirit of Sinatra, make yourself a drink and give me a listen. I plan to keep making music as long as you’ll have me and your support means more than I can express.

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Released in 2021


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