My Music Muse

unnamedWhen I was in middle school, my grandma gave me a Patsy Cline cassette collection which I fell in love with and subsequently used for a report I had to write for my 6th grade music class. This report about the life and career of Patsy Cline sparked a curiosity in me about the music industry, how music is created and what makes me (specifically) fall in love with a song.

As my love for music continued to grow, so did the dedication for my own personal art as well as my thirst for knowledge about what’s working in the industry today. So My Music Muse was born and all the hours spent looking at various radio charts, listening to new releases and researching the history of Country, Americana & Folk music has been compiled into one place for your reading pleasure.

Each of my reviews is based on my own personal opinions. I have so much respect for anyone who puts their art into the world and these are just the thoughts I choose to highlight.


Jerason Dean