Dahlia Mines

Dahlia Mines is the love child of Jeremy Flood and Jerason Dean. Flood, a native of Tennessee, grew up playing the guitar and writing his own music. So, it was a natural fit when Dean approached Flood with a new project. Knowing that he wanted to step outside of the traditional pop covers, Dean pitched a more acoustic sound. This led the pair back to their roots where an Americana sound emerged.

The duo first shared the stage together in October of 2019 at Uncommon Ground in Chicago. The show was meant to be a one-time gig; however, the show sold out. So, Dean and Flood decided to continue to explore this new sound and thus Dahlia Mines was born.

Currently, all show dates are on hold while the world navigates the covid era but there will be more to come from Dahlia Mines!

You can follow jerasondean.com for regular updates and also find DM on instagram & Facebook.