JasonDeanPortraitsEdits-9921After earning a solo in his hometown elementary school recital back in 2002, Dean quickly fell in love with the stage and began hitting local and regional shows across the midwest with his mom and granny by his side.

Since then, Dean has spent the years developing his brand as an independent artist and cultivating his own unique sound.

With deep roots buried in a mix of country, gospel and traditional pop, Dean finds inspiration from some of his biggest idols including Frank Sinatra, Brandi Carlile and Dolly Parton.

In 2018, Dean released his first studio EP and is eager to share his new music and his new sound with friends, fans and family wherever, and whenever, he can.

“Working on my first EP, The Standards, was an eye-opening experience that really fueled my fire for creating music. I learned a lot through the process and have made some great connections in the industry that have helped create a solid foundation to build from. I know a career in the music industry takes time but music is my passion and I’ve taken steps to solidify my place as a serious artist. Even if my only fans are my mom and granny at the end of the day, it’s all worth it.”Jerason Dean