National Wildlife Day

Save the bees, plant more trees and clean the seas!

Ok, y’all. If you’ve been following me lately, you probably know how much I love the Earth’s flora and fauna. I’m obsessed. This stems back to elementary school when all I wanted to checkout from the library were the latest Zoobooks. Even now in my late 20s, I love reading up on some good old-fashioned facts about our planet’s wildlife. Only now, I’ve traded in the Zoobooks for a National Geographic subscription and Google is always close by.

It’s actually through Google that I was reminded about National Wildlife Day which is September 4 and the topic of this post!

You’ve never heard of that? Well, that’s ok. I’ll tell you all about it.

National Wildlife Day is actually celebrated on two days – February 22 and September 4. The holiday was founded in 2005 by an animal behaviorist and philanthropist Colleen Paige who wanted to bring awareness of the endangered animals nationally as well as globally.

Now, you may be asking why is a holiday like this so important to me? Well, that’s because it brings awareness to all the various conservation efforts that need our attention. For example, did you know Chicago helped restore the population of a specific falcon that had been completely wiped out regionally in the 1960s? That’s right. From 1986 through 1990, 46 Peregrines were released by the Chicago Peregrine Program. In fact, one breeding pair from Chicago is said to be responsible for 20 breeding pairs in 30 territories. There was even an active nesting site in Chicago’s Uptown theater until 2015. Because of these efforts, the Peregrine is thriving and was removed from the Illinois endangered species list in 2014. Peregrines have also been removed from the federal endangered species list.

That’s why I find holidays like National Wildlife Day so important. Because they highlight issues like the Peregrines and shed light on other conservation efforts.

Ok. So, what can you do? First, jump on over to National Wildlife Day’s website and take a look at all the different ways you can help out. Then, start researching all the different issues that need our attention. You’ll be surprised by how many you find in your own backyard.

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