Studio #2

We’re back, back, back again

Jeremy Flood in the studio at Mystery Street Recording Co. August 30, 2020.
Jeremy Flood at Mystery Street Recording Co. August 30, 2020.

A little over 12 months ago, Jeremy Flood and I decided to toss our hats into the Chicago music ring. We’ve graced the stages of intimate venues from the Newport Theater to Uncommon Ground and even made a home for ourselves as a resident performers at The Darling. All within a year! So, I’m sure you can imagine how heartwrenching it was when that momentum came to a screeching hault.

When the covid pandemic hit us here in the United States, it completely removed us from our gig life. Like many performers, we had to take a step back and search for creative solutions to keep moving forward. We tried our hand at virtual performances but it really wasn’t our thing and social media validation only went so far. So, we decided to pull our resources and do the only thing that made sense. We hit the studio.

That’s right! Dahlia Mines is officially working on their debut album and we’ve just wrapped our second studio session. Now, neither of us is a stranger to studio life. Flood previously collaborated exclusively with his cousin before relocating to the Windy City. The pair had their own signature sound and produced a number of demos over the course of a decade. Couple that with my experience on the stage as well as the solo project I released in 2018 “The Standards” and you’ve got yourself a couple of seasoned ol’ biddies.

Jerason Dean in the studio at Mystery Street Recording Co. August 30, 2020.

We have pulled from our melting pot of inspiration and are so eager to share with you what we’ve been up to; however, there is still lots to be done! Flood and I have partnered with Joe Tessone at Mystery Street Recording Company to help bring our americana project to life. We’ve spent countless hours writing, charting and listening to some of our biggest influences. Names like Brandi Carlile, Dolly Parton & Tom Waits have all played a big part in this project. Along with many other icons you probably know and love.

If you’ve been to any of our shows, you’ve probably heard one of our original songs or two. So of course, you can expect to hear those iconic Dahlia Mines tunes showcased on our debut album. The best part however is that the majority of our studio project features an entirely new and original track list. Exciting, right?

So, sit back and follow along as we make our passion a reality. There’s so much more to come!

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